Week 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hello, everyone! Another week has finally passed–it feels like it’s gone by extremely quickly and lasted 1000 years, at the same time!

Since my mid-week post, I completed three design assignments: the alternate book cover assignment, the alternative history assignment, and the superhero design assignment. I also completed the daily create prompts for Saturday and Sunday. In addition, I left comments on three separate posts on the blogs Meraki, CPSC106 | Greg Phillips, and Storytime.

While my alternate book cover assignment is my favorite, for this week, I think my alternative history assignment post is more worth focusing on, for this week:

The Story:

The Beatles’ music style would have continued to change and evolve, if they had stayed together, just as it always had. They would continue to experiment with new sounds (and perhaps new drugs), probably never settling on one particular style for too long. They would still be extremely popular, and their 2019 European / US tour would be almost completely sold-out.

How I Did It:

I actually took some of the techniques I used while designing my book cover to come up with this fake tour poster; the image I had first wanted to use for the cover stopped abruptly, so I added a gradient effect to make the transition between the end of the photo itself and the bottom of the page to look more smooth, which was what I did with the tour poster, as I mentioned in its respective post. I also took some tips regarding complimentary fonts from the book cover and the design tips from Canva (I did’t actually use that site while designing this poster, but I did take pairing a serif title font with a sans serif body font like the site advised to heart).


I did think a lot about the aspects of color and text, in terms of designing, during the latter half of this week, while during the first half I was more focused on the aspects of design, as a whole. From the colors I chose for my superhero’s costume, to the color of the text I chose for my book cover, to the fonts I chose for both that and the poster. I’ll definitely try to pay more attention to the choices professional designers make, regarding book covers, advertisements, and the like, to see how they implement the principles of design. That sort of thing is what I like about learning about things like design: they make me pay more attention to things I might not have, before (or at least not as much).

I think that’s about it for this week. Until next time, here’s to an even better 3rd week!

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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