This is the End – My Week in Review

Hello, everyone! Well, we’re finally here: we’ve finally reached the end of our DS106 class. I’ve really enjoyed this one–this course has opened my eyes to all the different ways of telling a story, as well as shown me how I can improve, creatively. Down below is a broad summary of this past week, for me, in video-form:

This week, I worked tirelessly on my final trans-media narrative, “The Book of Prim,” the story of a young witch who loses an ornate spell book to a mischievous goblin, and has to fight to get it back. The project spanned over most of the various social media platforms we’ve used during this class–Soundcloud, YouTube, and Instagram–and utilized all of the different mediums for telling a story–audio, video, design and photography–to tell one broad, cohesive narrative. Making the entire thing mostly required me sitting in my room as I edited everything together, but the photography portion did require me to run outside; it literally rained on and off again for half of the entire week, so I had to move quickly for fear of being soaked, or worse, struck by lightening!

Like I said in my video, I’m probably the most proud of the photography portion of my narrative; this course made me more conscious of how to take well-composed photographs, and I feel like they would’ve likely come out looking a lot more flat and boring if I hadn’t learned what I had, during the photography unit of this course, or at the very least I wouldn’t have fully understood why they might look as good or as bad as they would’ve, otherwise, since I had never really put that much thought into the composition of my photographs, up to this point.

I also mentioned that I’m the least proud of the design portion of my narrative; while I do like how the drawing itself turned out, I would’ve liked to have been able to make the colors more vibrant and make the picture look “cleaner,” for lack of a better word, which I think would’ve been helped if I had colored the image in digitally, but I felt that I didn’t have enough time to do that on top of everything else I needed to do. If I could re-do this week, one thing I would do is do a better job of spacing out my work load so that I could at least try to find time to make my design closer to what I really wanted.

I edited the video using the pre-installed video editing software on my computer, and the photos I used were the ones I had taken for my final project. I wanted a more serene, contemplative, almost melancholic track for the background music, so I went with one of the software’s preset tracks, “Reflecting Pool.”

Here is a link to my digital narrative, and a more in-depth look at my overall process of making it: The Book of Prim

In that post, I also posted about the three Daily Creates I had done, in addition to my narrative, and I described my process for creating them; I did, however, complete one final Daily Create yesterday:

For Saturday’s Daily Create, we were asked to create a campaign button for anyone we wanted. I made a button for the Steven Universe character Amethyst, one of my favorite characters in the series; I find her to be, for the most part, a pretty fun character and her arc, especially most recently, has been incredibly engaging, for me.

I couldn’t find a good template for a button from Pixabay or Google, so I used MediBang to draw the button, using the shape and gradient tools and then adding the text, and then I used Autodesk Sketchbook to draw in the stars.

Definitely my two biggest weaknesses, both regarding this course and in general, have been time management and attentiveness. I mentioned in my video that properly balancing out my work load, especially a heavier work load, has never been a strong suit of mine, which is why I turned in my third week summary a few minutes late, and why I feel like I didn’t get to make the design for the final project as good as I had wanted it, but I also sometimes breeze over certain details when it comes to assignments, like with my cover design assignment, but I tried to learn from that experience and pay more attention to the prompts for the other assignments I did, but I admit that I still dropped the ball when it came to this final post.

Still, I deeply enjoyed this class; I was pleasantly surprised by what I learned over these five weeks, and I’ll be sure to apply them whenever I get the chance, in the future. Thank you very much for everything, and I hope y’all have a great rest of your summer!

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