The Weekly Half-Way Point

Hello, everyone! At the start of this week, I watched the two Ted Talk videos by designers Paula Scher and David Carson, and then I completed a series of tutorials on the Canva website, which I discussed in more detail in this post here. I found all three resources to be rather interesting, in terms of how differently they each approached designing; while the tutorials on Canva were very rule-based and expected the user to follow their examples as closely as possible, Ms. Scher and Mr. Carson didn’t discuss rules nearly as much.

Afterwards, I completed the two Daily Creates for Tuesday and Wednesday and posted them on Twitter:

For this video, I downloaded a free screen capture software from the Microsoft store, and then recorded part of a clip from the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame from YouTube. I at first wanted to use a track from the video game Undertale for the background music, but I decided to use a stock track from the video editing software already installed on my computer, instead. In the end, the hard rock and roll music track makes the scene feel more like a teenager rebelling against his authority figure, which I suppose isn’t entirely inaccurate.

I’m not very good at finishing books, so I’m only on the second chapter of this one, What You Don’t Know About Charlie Outlaw. But, from what little I’ve read of it, so far, it is a pretty interesting read. I enjoyed how the first chapter begins in media res, and reveals information about the character’s plight and how he got to where he is piece by piece, instead of dumping the entire backstory on the reader through paragraphs of exposition. The other book, Don’t Call Us Dead, was an assigned read for my creative writing poetry class, last semester. Like I said, I enjoyed it overall, but with many of the poems’ subject matter being racism in our modern society, there were a few that were rather intense.

Finally, I completed and uploaded my designblitz onto Instagram, which I discussed in an earlier blog post. I went ahead and assumed that it was a timed activity like last week’s photoblitz was, which is why I spent twenty minutes gathering photos around my house and taking way more pictures than the six I uploaded. During the process of doing my designblitz, I took a lot of pictures of book and magazine covers in particular, and there was one particular book cover that I left out that I kind of regret doing, in hindsight, since it would’ve been a great example of the design principle of space, due to it being a mostly blank cover with a small monogram engraved in the middle towards the top.

Question of the Week: Alternate History

What if the Beatles never broke up?

If the Beatles had never broken up, I imagine that they would continue their musical evolution from the mid-sixties well into the seventies and eighties, and perhaps even into the present. It’s possible that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would still have their solo careers, but I get the feeling the group as a whole may take priority over either of them. I’m not really sure if John Lennon or George Harrison would still be alive, since the former was murdered and the latter died of cancer, but perhaps there would be a distinct possibility that Lennon would still be alive and active, if the Beatles hadn’t broken up.

Anyway, I think that’s it for now. I hope you all had a great Fourth of July, and you have a good rest of your week!

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