The Beatles 2019 Europe / US Tour

Hello, everyone! In my mid-weekly post, I answered the question regarding what might happen if The Beatles had never broken up. I wasn’t quite sure how to translate that into an image–at first I thought about editing photos of John Lennon and George Harrison and edit them to look as old as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr–but eventually I decided to design a poster to promote a tour across Europe and America, taking place in 2019, since I figure that, if they hadn’t broken up when they did, at the very least Paul and Ringo would still be making music and touring together (I also thought that there would be a distinct possibility that at least John Lennon would be alive, too, but I really don’t know).

I downloaded a free photo of The Beatles and edited it in both MediBang and Autodesk Sketchbook. I used Medibang to make the canvas larger and to add the gray color, and because the original image cut off abruptly when the canvas was made bigger, I added a gradient effect, too. Afterwards, I added the text in Autodesk Sketchbook (the font choices in MediBang leave a little to be desired, in my opinion); as I learned over this past week, I tried to mix and match fonts, this time a serif font for the title and a sans serif font for the body text. As far as I’m aware, you can only change the size of the text in Sketchbook by touching the computer’s touchscreen with two of your fingers, so making the two columns match in terms of size was really difficult, and I don’t think I got it exactly right.

I chose this particular prompt–what if The Beatles never broke up?–for a couple of reasons: 1) I thought that this particular prompt seemed a bit more positive than “What if we lost WWII?” or “What if the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated?” And 2) I’m a little more familiar with The Beatles than I am with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, so I feel like this was more “appropriate,” for lack of a better word, than the others.

It is nice to think about positive alternative histories. I feel like we could use some extra positivity in this world.

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  1. This is a really cool assignment, Kate! I love the idea of a world where The Beatles aren’t just around but they are kicking it in style. I like the fact that you have them hit up major cities in two large countries. I wonder, do you think other than playing big shows they would have changed their sound? Do you think their signature style would have the same impact on modern day pop-culture that it does today, or would their sound have evolved drastically? Like how Panic! At The Disco & Fall Out Boy have since our teenage years?

    Interesting concept to think about!

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