Star Your Engines – part 1

Hello, everyone! The first prompt I completed for the Visual Assignment was the Favorite Photo prompt. I thought for a little bit about which photo I would use for this particular prompt–I do really like the photos of the pink flowers on the Fredericksburg Campus I took, this past spring (I’m not actually sure what those particular flowers are); I’m also really fond of a photo I took of a four-leaf clover I found, last summer. In the end, I decided to go with one of the photos I took during my trip to London, a few years ago, and then I finally chose this one as my number-one favorite:

This photo was taken from St. James Park, which was next to where my mother and I were staying, about an hour after we had gone up into the London Eye, which can be seen in this photo (I was also sure to take a selfie while I was in there, and I thought about using that photo for this prompt); I believe I was walking on a bridge when I saw a good photo-op and decided to take it. From what I can remember when I took this photo, I didn’t really think about the photography tips and tricks brought up in this class, such as balance or depth or contrast, but, with the way the light is reflected by the buildings and the London Eye, this photo is somewhat divided into the darker bottom-half and the lighter top-half, which I think is really interesting and satisfying.

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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