Sound Off – part 4

Hello, everyone! This is the story of what it might be like if The Beatles never broke up (based on the alternate history story I told, last week):

I grabbed all of the sounds and the music from and the Free Music Archive, with the exception of my own voice, which I recorded on my computer using a plug-in microphone. I recorded my voice over in my computer’s pre-installed voice recording software, and that and all of the background tracks were edited in Audacity. Each paragraph of my script was its own (series of) individual takes, which were then edited together into one singular track in Audacity.

I wanted to make mention of the fact that The Beatles’ music would most likely continue to evolve, throughout the decades, and how audiences might react to their continuous evolution, with some criticizing them for always changing their sound, and others defending them for their experimentation, but I wasn’t sure how to convey that through only sound and no dialogue, so I decided to marry the two. I used the same music cue at the very beginning and the very end to add some tonal consistency, as well as little samples of instruments and crowds cheering in places (the latter of which I looped three times) to illustrate certain points. I wanted to avoid using actual Beatles songs, for fear of being blocked for copyright, which is why I used free, public-domain tracks.

I also tried to avoid using the first-person, in my narration, to ensure that the story sounded like it was being told by an omniscient and unbiased narrator, like the stories told by The Truth podcast, which I listened to, earlier this week. At first, however, I did think about using the first-person to make it seem like I, the narrator, was actually experiencing this alternate reality–I talked about how I was hyped for The Beatles’ next album, set to drop some time in the fall of this year, and that I would ask for it for my birthday–but in the end, I decided against it.

Like I feared, recording my lines was one of the hardest parts; most of the paragraphs required multiple takes, often because I either stumbled over words or in some cases I thought I sounded drunk! I definitely need more practice reciting lines, especially since I want to do online reviews someday, as a hobby, which will of course require me to read lines off of a script. In the end, though, I am mostly satisfied with the final results of my narration, as well as the track, as a whole.

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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