Sound Off – part 2

Hello, everyone! I am a woman of simple tastes: there are certain specific sounds that warm me up inside, more than most other sounds, and I have made a compilation of sorts of those exact sounds:

The sounds, in order, are a kitten meowing, a train whistle going off, a thunder storm, and waves crashing against a beach.

I collected all of the sounds heard on this track from, and I edited them together in Audacity. When I first uploaded this track, Soundcloud blocked it thinking that they heard audio–specifically, the thunder part–from a copyrighted track; I didn’t bother with trying to dispute it, so I redid the whole thing and replaced the specific track with a completely different thunder effect.

Layering and arranging each track was probably the most difficult part of editing this project; I spent some time trying to figure out how to make sure each transition was smooth, and each track was equal in length as well as audible.

I’ve loved cats for a long time, at least ever since we got our first cat, Willie, and I love the sound of a cat, and the sound of a kitten, meowing; I don’t really know what to say about it other than I just find the sound to be so dang cute! The sound of a train whistling and rolling by gives me a sense of nostalgia, since my family and I lived near trains for a long time–near an actual train, and near the choo-choo trains in the theme park that was literally right next to our neighborhood. While rainstorms do tend to make me lethargic, the sound of the rain hitting the windows and the rooftops, along with the distant rumble of the thunder, also inspire a sense of calm within me, as well. The beach is also nostalgic, for me, since we go to the Eastern Shore and then travel to Assateague beach, almost every summer.

In the end, I guess it does seem a little cliche to list these particular sounds as the ones that make me the feel warm and fuzzy, but they just do. They make me feel relaxed and remind me of happy memories, and make me want to cuddle up with my cats (even if they wouldn’t be as into it).

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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