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Hello, everyone! I would like to share with you the video I made based on one of our class’s video assignments, “A Word… A Picture… A Story…”:

The assignment asked that the student pick 5-10 words at random, find a picture to go with each word, and then put them all together in a video to tell a short story.

I went with the words “cat,” “teapot,” “beach,” “scooter,” “bird,” “tree,” and “music;” I searched each word on Pixabay and downloaded all of the pictures used in the video from there; then I edited them all together in the video editing app on my computer, adding the stock music already installed in the software. The only images that were modified in anyway were the very first and last two images–I changed the levels and added a blur filter over them. I had a bit of a hard time trying to figure out what music to score the video with, but I think the track I went with, “Rose Petals,” suits the overall tone of the story quite well.

The assignment also allowed the student to either write one sentence for each image/word, or to try to tell the story without any sentences–I decided to go with the former option, since I thought it would be easier to follow the story I was trying to tell, rather than make anyone try to glean anything based on the images, alone. I also thought that the story ended pretty abruptly, so I added the “It was a very good day” bit at the very end, to help wrap things up a bit more smoothly.

I decided that a little story about a cat going out would go best with the words I went with; I also thought it would be a bit more interesting and more fun to put a more, for lack of a better word, fantastical spin on an otherwise mundane story–i.e. having anthropomorphic animals as the main characters as opposed to regular humans.

Some might wonder why or how a bird and a cat are friends, when cats normally like to eat birds (even in fiction, cats and birds are often portrayed as being enemies), but I kind of like playing with expectations, plus I feel like making the cat and the bird enemies might break the relaxed, low-key tone of the story.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. You did amazing on this assignment! I loved how everything fit together so well. You were able to create a relaxing atmosphere/ vibe for your story. The transitions were perfect.

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