Holding Out for a Hero

Hello, everyone! For the additional design assignment, I decided to design my own superhero. I made my hero one who can control water, and named her Eventide.

To design her, I used HeroMachine 3. I honestly found the website to be rather difficult to figure out at first, and I found coloring (namely, copying the color scheme of one item and pasting it onto another) to be a bit of a challenge, too. I figured it out eventually, and then I got down to figuring out what design best suited what I had in mind.

I’ve had the idea of Eventide for a while, now, and I did design her once upon a time, but the original design wasn’t quite as streamlined, for lack of a better term, as this final one; from what I remember, Eventide originally had a long skirt, which wouldn’t be very convenient, now that I think about it. In the end, I settled for a suit that actually looks a bit like a swimsuit, in my opinion, but I must admit that that wasn’t entirely intentional; I only chose that suit because I liked it the best and that I found to be the best-suited for a superhero, in general, and am only just seeing its resemblance to swimwear.

The blue and blue-green color scheme reflects Eventide’s water theme. I wanted to have some kind of aura or water affect coming out of her hands, but I wasn’t able to find one that matched her overall theme.

I think it’s pretty interesting how some of my favorite choices for Eventide’s design actually turned out to be more appropriate for her overall theme than I had originally realized. I’m not exactly sure what that says about me, as a designer, but I still find it pretty neat that it turned out that way, in hindsight.

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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