Happy New Week! – End of Week Sum-Up

Hello, everyone! The first week is over just as soon as it started.

Since my first bi-weekly summary post, I completed three daily creates–the prompts for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday–and posted them all on Twitter. I also went through one of the galleries on the Abandoned America website and wrote a summary on that. After that, I completed three Visual Assignment prompts–my favorite photo, the five frame story, and the warning poster–totaling in 9 stars, and posted each of them on both my Instagram page and on my blog. Finally, I completed my photoblitz and posted the photos and wrote about the experience on my blog, as well.

The one project I want to focus on for this sum-up is the second visual assignment I did, the five frame story:

I thought a lot about the composition of these photos in particular after reviewing the Tips on Better Photography page on Canvas, as well as the video discussing those tips. I enabled the grid on my phone to make sure each photo was balanced, and tried aligning each photo as best I could, and I think I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. I also tried to use different angles and depth of field for a couple of shots.

For me, this week was a lot about learning not just about the ins and outs of various websites that I wasn’t too familiar with, but also learning about how to take pictures more consciously, and that there’s more to photography than simply taking the picture. Before this week, I never really paid attention to how to properly frame a photo, nor did I think about why a well-framed photo might look as good as it did. I like finding out that there are some things that I didn’t even realize I didn’t know, if that makes any sense–discovering that kind of thing about yourself and what you actually know, or think you know, can be exciting, and I look forward to hopefully learn more about aspects of photography and visual storytelling that I never thought of in the weeks to come.

This week, I am most proud of this particular visual assignment prompt, in terms of the way each individual shot is framed, the way they look, and the humor of the story, as a whole; I feel like they wouldn’t look quite as good as they did if I hadn’t learned about those photography tips and tricks. I also personally like the daily create I did on Saturday, but mainly because of the overall aesthetic of the app–Live Portrait Maker–and because I simply enjoy using phone apps and websites to create many different characters and avatars; in many cases, they help me visualize the designs of my original characters.

At any rate, that’s about it from me for this week. Here’s to a good 2nd week!

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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