Final Countdown – part 3

Hello, everyone! Continuing on with my final assignment, I would like to share what I’ve taken for the photography portion of my trans-media narrative:

The photography portion of the narrative serves to provide establishing shots for the story-proper, to help set the stage for where the story will take place. The protagonist is a witch, and so I wanted to take pictures that reflected the mystery and intrigue that often springs to mind when thinking of witches; the fact that it was cloudy and rainy when I took the exterior photos helps add to that aura.

I took pictures of the outside of our house, and close-up photos of the potted roses and one of the plants in my mother’s garden for the exterior shots. Like I mentioned, they serve as establishing shots (the shot of our house, in particular), but they also give a peek into some of what the protagonist might be up to, as the photos of the plants imply that she makes potions, at least from time to time.

I tried to pay attention to the various tips and tricks about photography that we learned about, the first week of class, such as the rule of threes, depth, and contrast, and I kept what I learned from the photoblitz we did, earlier in the semester, too. The photo of the garden features depth, with the plant in the foreground and the stone head under the glass dome in the background and out of focus; the house, garden, and roses are examples of contrast, with the dark house against the light sky, the light plant against the dark background, and the bright pink petals against the dark green leaves; I also tried to arrange my gemstones evenly so that there would be a sense of balance, in each photo.

I also took pictures of the rocks on my bedside table that I’ve collected over the past couple of years; I mentioned in a previous post that gemstones are often associated with magic and witchcraft, so I figured that the photos of my gemstones would help to drive that point a bit further–plus, the fact that the gemstone on the cover of the spell book is cut and faceted while the stones on my bedside table are raw makes the former appear more special and unique, at least in the eyes of the creature tries to steal it.

I probably won’t use every single photo I took, in this set, for my final project–I will be including the photos of the outside of our house and the garden, but I’ll most likely pick the best photo I took of the roses and of my gemstones, out of the several I took.

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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