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Hello, everyone! This week, we’re focusing on design and all the different ways to go about it. So far, I’ve looked at three different resources, all of which discuss design and the act of designing in different ways; two were Ted Talk videos by Paula Scher and David Carson, respectively, and the third was the website Canva, where I took seven tutorials essential to understanding designing.

In their Ted Talks, Paula Scher and David Carson were revealed to have fairly different approaches to designing, with Ms. Scher going about it from a more emotional angle, and Mr. Carson going about it from a more calculative angle. Ms. Scher explains the difference between “serious” and “solemn” design, the former being more fun and involving more passion on her part, and the latter being a result of following certain trends, causing her to lose whatever passion for her project she may have felt, otherwise. Meanwhile, Mr. Carson designs based more on intuition than emotion, while also mentioning how two fundamentally identical designs may give off two different messages (e.g. two garage doors painted with a “no parking” sign by the same person, with one appearing significantly more menacing than the other).

The tutorials I completed on Canva–Tips for Titles, Color Your Design, Creative Background Tools, Brilliant Backgrounds, Marrying Texts and Images, Starting with Scale, and Design for Social Media–each gave examples of how to make appealing designs both for social media websites and in general, and featured activities to help better understand how to follow those examples and show why they work as well as they do.

The Canva tutorials are much more about following rules and examples than Ms. Scher’s and Mr. Carson’s methods of designing; especially with Mr. Carson, whose designs sometimes appear to be completely haphazard, but are actually created through conscious decisions based on his own intuition.

I feel that the two Ted Talk videos resonated with me more than the Canva tutorials, but I’m not sure which of the two exactly resonated with me more, since I can completely understand where both Ms. Scher and Mr. Carson come from, in terms of their individual design philosophies; any kind of project can’t be any fun if you don’t feel any passion for it, and the best designs are done thoughtfully and deliberately, even if they appear to have no thought put into them. I think it’s a good idea to try to marry the two concepts of thoughtfulness and emotion together, when working on a creative project.

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