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Hello, everyone! Earlier this week, in addition to watching the Ted Talks by Paula Scher and David Carson, and going over the tutorials on, I reviewed the eight principles of design on the Adobe Spark website; afterwards, I completed this week’s designblitz, wherein I took twenty minutes and took pictures of various book, magazine, and video game box covers, as well as a shopping bag and a curtain, to capture at least five of the eight design principles. Down below are a handful of what I think are the ones that best encapsulate a certain design principle:

All of these designs I find capture at least five of the eight principles of design, but I associated each photo with the one principle I thought was most prominent in that photo.

The first design, the cover of the book “I am Pusheen the Cat,” is an example of hierarchy since the title of the book is at the very top, the illustration is in the middle, and the name of the name of the author, Claire Belton, is at the very bottom. The curtain is an example of repetition because of the repeating pattern that runs across the top and the bottom (which I didn’t take a picture of). The cover of “Super Smash Bros.: Brawl” is an example of proximity because the title and the characters are close to each other, in the design. The cover of the DVD for Corpse Bride is an example of balance due to the symmetry of the image, with the two characters and the border. The cover of the book Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an example of color with the illustration colored green to represent the “Green Knight” in the title. And lastly, the Madewell shopping bag is an example of space because of its minimalist design, with the exception of the Madewell logo, written across the bag.

I ended up taking a lot more photos than just those six, but I figured that uploading them all would be way too much, and would require several separate Instagram posts to fit them all! I tried to narrow down some of the photos that were somewhat similar in terms of which combination of design principles they followed, and then, seeing some of the other designblitz uploaded by some of my classmates, I decided to further narrow down the photos I took.

As for editing, I only touched up the lighting and the contrast on the photo of the Corpse Bride DVD cover. The rest are untouched, except for being automatically cropped when uploaded onto Instagram.

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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