And it Turned into a Photoblitz

Hello, everyone! Yesterday, I went and completed my photoblitz. I went around my house and in my backyard taking pictures following the prompts, managing to complete 12 out of all 15.

The one prompt I had the most trouble with was the one where my camera had to be moving, to give the subject the illusion of movement. I used the camera on my phone to take all the pictures, and I tried to spin around while looking at a stone frog in my backyard, but I just couldn’t get the effect that I wanted. I also tried taking a picture of a spinning fan in my living room, but I then I felt that that didn’t count since my camera wasn’t moving. I wasn’t able to take a photo that represented joy, and I was going to take a photo from an unusual angle but I ran out of time before I could take it.

My mother was also kind enough to help me out by letting me take pictures of her foot and of her standing behind the glass pane of the door on our back deck. I also decided to use my cats for a couple of the photo prompts for this assignment–I took a close-up of my cat Willie’s fur as the abstract photo, and I took a picture of my other cat Jasmine as an example of a metaphor complexity (mostly because of how strange and complex she can be, being friendly and affectionate and then running off one second later). For the prompt about bringing an inanimate object to life, I decided to take a picture of the little foo dog that sits on our coffee table, and make it look like I’m playing with it to create the illusion that it was alive. I chose the glass dome under our bird feeders as the futuristic photo just because the sleekness and curvature of the dome reminded me of something somewhat futuristic. The fish-looking object in the picture for the two objects that don’t belong together prompt was a bag clip I attached to the chord of our Alexa.

While I did try to keep things like balance (namely the rule of threes) in mind, I focused more on simply taking as many pictures as I could within the allotted time. The hammock pole in the photo following the converging lines prompt does manage to land close to the center of the frame, as well as the foo dog in the inanimate object photo. The interesting shadow, the bright light, and the door-frame photos also feature strong contrast. The bright light photo had the camera pointed directly upwards, giving that photo a different angle from most of the others.

At first, I wanted to go into town to complete the photoblitz, but I am actually glad that I decided to do it in my house, instead; I found that there were more opportunities to take interesting photos here than I had originally thought, and I might not have ever found out if I had gone downtown. I think it also helped me get more intimately acquainted with my house, since my family and I have only lived here for a little more than a year and a half. I like my place, and I hope I get to explore its nooks and crannies more, in the future.

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  1. Hey Kate! The thing I found most interesting about this blog post and your #photoblitz was when you talked about the photograph in motion. This also gave me trouble because just like you I tried to take a photograph when I was moving the camera. For me, this did not work so I decided to take a picture of my dog in motion. It actually is pretty cool! I’m sorry yours did not workout for you! Your other pictures are also so cool! I guess one suggestion I have for the project would be when you took a picture of you mom’s foot. I would place the camera in a different spot so you do not get all of the shadow! Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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