The Book of Prim

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#ds106 #ds106final The photography portion of my final.

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The Book of Prim

Goblins like shiny objects; this is pretty old news to most people. So it’s no wonder that a goblin, who had somehow managed to sneak its way inside the grand gray house from the impending rain, thirsted for the bright blue gemstone jutting out from the dark, leather-bound book that was being carefully examined by one of the residents of that grand, gray house, a young witch named Prim Harper.

The goblin, creeping silently through the house and up the stairs, poked its small, dark head into Prim’s room, and no sooner had it peered into the witch’s room, its gaze was drawn to the beautiful gemstone embedded into the old book’s cover. It flashed its razor-sharp teeth in anticipation and snickered; the soft but raspy sound caught Prim’s attention.

“A goblin,” she gasped as soon as she saw the goblin, lingering in her doorway. “Hey! How did you get in here?” she asked the little creature (though she wasn’t really expecting an answer), letting the book drop to her side. The goblin suddenly charged at her, and though it was small–not much larger than a rabbit–it let out a harsh, menacing hiss, its claws and fangs bared and ready to attack, and attack it did; it leaped up and sank its teeth into Prim’s book.

“Get off that!” Prim cried, trying to shake the little beast loose. The weight of the old book and her flailing caused her to lose her grip, sending the book flying. The goblin, still clinging tightly to the book, darted off.

“Oh no! Get back here!” Prim called out. She could feel a lump forming in her chest, but only for a moment; that lump was soon replaced by determination, for she was going to get that book back, no matter what!

The goblin had managed to carry the book all the way down the stairs, and, nestling itself in a remote part of the  living room, it sat back and admired its newly-acquired booty. Soon enough, however, Prim was on its trail:

“Now, where did that thing go?” she muttered to herself, looking around the room. She looked under chairs and on top of shelves until she found the goblin perched on the very top of the tallest bookcase. “There you are, you little bastard!” she cried, and raising her hand, she let loose a beam of light. The goblin leaped down, still clinging desperately to the book, and skittered away as odds and ends came crashing down behind it, laughing smugly. “Dammit!” Prim cursed through gritted teeth; but she wasn’t about to give up so easily. She continued chasing the goblin into the library, shooting beams of magic in hopes of at the very least getting it to drop the book. She could tell the goblin was beginning to run out of stamina (as was she–it had been way too long since she had gone to the gym last!), but it wouldn’t let go of the book. “Almost there,” Prim hissed to herself. She then drew a deep breath and concentrated all of her might to summon a brilliant ray of white light that finally knocked the goblin away with a weak shriek. The book dropped to the floor as the goblin darted off into some small hole where it was certain Prim couldn’t follow.

With a satisfied grin, Prim walked over to the book and picked it up off the ground. “I’ll be taking this, thank you.” she said as she dusted off the jewel-encrusted cover. Well, she then thought as she made her way back upstairs to her room, that’s one helluva way to start your day.

The Story behind the story

Hello, everyone! That was my final story for this class!

The overall structure of the final is as follows:

  • The “cover art” for the entire piece (the design portion)
  • A series of photographs serving as establishing shots (the photography portion)
  • The prologue/first chapter of the story (the video portion)
  • Prim chasing the goblin through the house, trying to get her book back (the audio portion)
  • And the written narrative to tie everything together (the written portion)!

I discussed how I did the design, the video, and the photography portions of the narrative in previous posts, but here is how I put together the audio portion:

For the audio portion of the story, I used sound effects, music cues, and my own voice-over to help tell the story and create immersion, like what we discussed regarding audio narratives during our third week of class. I thought about what I did when making my sound effects story and my alternate history audio story, that same week, while recording and editing together this assignment.

Like with the video portion of the assignment, I recorded my own voice using an external microphone and the voice recording software already installed in my computer; I also downloaded and used various sound effects from However, while I used music cues from for the video portion, I used cues from for the audio–specifically the tracks “Scheming Weasel (fast version)” for the opening cue, (which I know I’ve heard in various other comedy videos on YouTube, in the past), “Long Time Coming” for when Prim is chasing the goblin through the house, and “Carpe Diem” for when Prim gets her book back, all by Kevin MacLeod. I edited all of the music, sound effects, and voice clips together in Audacity.

I played around with amplification for many of the tracks, reverb on a couple–e.g. the footsteps and the objects dropping to the ground–and I even messed around with the tempo of some tracks, the magic blast that knocks out the goblin in the end; speaking of, I only ended up using two different sound effects for the magic blast, but copied and pasted one of them over and over again.

Daily Creates

Finally, I’d like to include the three daily creates I did, over the past few days:

This one was made in It’s a 25 cells diameter theta maze. The website says you can make your maze up to 200 cells in diameter, but I didn’t want to do anything nearly that complicated. I downloaded the pdf from the website, and then took a screenshot of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to print it out and try to solve it, myself.

I have a lot of ideas for what I want, for a tattoo; a flower with stars was just the one I went with, for this one. This design was made in the Tattoo Font Maker, using its preset assets.

And finally, an instructional guide on how to make and use a Daruma doll! The idea of the doll is to write down a wish or goal you want to accomplish within a year, and the doll will help encourage you to do what you need to do to fulfill that goal, and also bring you good luck and fortune. My godfather got this doll for me and a similar one for my sister while he was in Japan, last year (the goal on its back was for last semester).

That’s all for now, I think. Thank you all so much for a great semester! I hope you all have a great rest of your summer!

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

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